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The Lush Brush

Let’s Paint Together!

The Lush Brush

Let’s Paint Together!

We can get you started on new projects!


We can get you started on new projects!

About Us

Our Products


Whether you are just starting or you have been painting for decades, we have the supplies you are looking for. We supply the canvas, paint, brushes, instruction help, and stencil for those who aren't ready to freehand. Don't see what you're looking for? Ask! We do special orders!

Open Paint


Choose from 100's of painting choices to choose from.  Each has a stencil you can trace onto the canvas as well as easy to follow step by step instructions to follow.  There is always one of our talented team members near by to assist you with paint techniques, direction and friendly encouragement.

Our Creative Team


We are makers and artists, just like you!  Our staff is always on hand to ask questions about what products are best for your project. We also offer workshops and a small gallery for our customers to show their work. Your work could be in our next gallery show!